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About Us

We are here to put customers above profits and Make sure every single customer gets the best possible service every time. We take special care to source the best quality flooring and floor exclusives as well ensuring all of our team does exactly what they say they will do. Simply put, service comes first

Be part of the FS:UK journey

Unlike a lot of other flooring independents we are here to put customer service first and offer a fully rounded flooring experience. Please keep up to date by checking in on our social media where we don't just 'sell' to you but we offer help and advice as well as weekly content like WTF (what the floor) where we review flooring products - good and bad! We have a friendly team of advisors ready to go and we cover all of South Wales. Our stunning showroom is based in Swansea just 5 minutes off the m4 - Come and see us today!

Meet The Team


Andrew Piercy - Company Director

'I have worked in flooring my entire adult life and I am extremely passionate about what I do. Over the past couple of years I have been so disappointed seeing and hearing what some other companies are doing out there in the flooring industry - So I knew the time was right to create something that put the customer first. THE FLOOR STORE UK is here and ready to deliver on what it promises.'



Chris Bowman - Company Director

'My entire working career has always been based around retail services and ensuring the best customer journey in whatever company I have worked for. When I first started in the wonderful world of flooring I was shocked and appalled at the level of service that seems to be widely accepted within the industry - fast forward several years and Andrew and myself set up FS:U.K with the entire focus being on great, open and honest customer service, ensuring amazing products and impeccable knowledge amongst our team. As my family life is so important to me, having a wife and three amazing children, I know how important your home is. That’s why we put 100% into each project making sure we can give each customer their perfect ‘forever’ floor.'


Our Ethos

'Selling floors is easy, doing it right is the hard part! At FS:UK we live and breath putting the customer first. Everything we do we ask ourselves 'how does the customer benefit?' Whether it's importing a new exclusive range from Europe or launching a market leading offer like free fitting on some of our 12mm's - We always have the customer in mind. We are extremely grateful for the following we have already and if you love what we are doing don't forget to like and follow us on Facebook, Insta and YOUTUBE'

Our Partners